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Why is Chocolate So Popular During Christmas Time?

Chocolate and Christmas have a long history – from pralines being used as tree ornaments to stocking-stuffing truffles to finding a last minute Secret Santa present, the delicacy has pretty much shaped our holidays in ways we might have not noticed. Advent calendars, yule logs, even hot chocolate; it’s difficult imagining Christmas or even winter void of chocolate. We all love chocolate and eat it whenever we please, but have you ever thought of the reason behind why chocolate is such a during the holidays?   There isn’t one ground-breaking origin as to why chocolate is the star of the show when it comes to Christmas, but to our joy, every country has a story. A traditional Mexican Christmas dish...

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B2b: Distributors

An idea is cool when you hear about it and regret not having thought of the same thing earlier. An idea is cool when you hear about it and you want to share it with the entire world. Distributors are lucky to be in that position where they don’t have to think of the idea but can share it with the world, and we want that cool idea to be the Mix:Impossible.We, too, share the interest of sharing our special formula with the world (obviously, or we’d go out of business), so we’re looking for distributors to partner with. We see big things for both the frappe and ice cream lines of the Mix: people drinking liqueur frappes everywhere and...

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Zodiac Signs as On The Rocks Chocolate

Pisces: A Pisces will absolutely do anything in their might to experience transcendent bliss. They’re compassionate, artistic, intuitive, and wise. The Baileys chocolate strikes us as such. Aries: Likes comfort. As the first sign of the zodiac, it marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. Malibu Rum milk chocolate makes sense – coconut is homey, and Malibu itself is the beginning of a lot of things energetic and turbulent. Taurus: Self-assured, mega self-aware, they know what they like and don’t like. Strong headed enough to not want to go out of their comfort zone, but most of the time, they’re probably making the right decision. Responsible and reliable – all the things that make our Red Wine dark chocolate....

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The Psychology Behind Picking Ice Cream Flavours

What flavour is your personality, outside the scope of Buzzfeed?Think of this as almost sort of a personality test, but it’s science. Ice cream wouldn’t have been the ice cream we love if it weren’t for all its different colours and flavours, but does who we are amount to what we love, or does what we love make up what we are? We were a little curious about what more brought people together to their flavour preference and if liking a certain ice cream flavour could make you more compatible to some people than others. Up in Chicago lies a Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation headed by a Dr. Alan Hirsch. Dr. Hirsch, a neurologist, rounded up some...

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B2b: Bottlers

To the bottlers – who fill our hearts with joy, and our bottles... also with joy.Legend has it that if you as little as whisper the words Irish cream liqueur, people in at least a 10 mile radius will turn their heads around you. Especially from our location of writing, Cairo, Egypt, just the smell of the sweet, beautiful, fragrant liqueur’s enough to lure our noses, and that’s when the image of a tall, sexy, black bottle being tilted sideways making way to a stream of that creamy, velvety, milky goodness… Sorry, got a little carried away there.See? The love for it paints a picture, and it’s an admittable fact that whenever one can get their hands on it, they...

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