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B2b: Bottlers

To the bottlers – who fill our hearts with joy, and our bottles... also with joy.

Legend has it that if you as little as whisper the words Irish cream liqueur, people in at least a 10 mile radius will turn their heads around you. Especially from our location of writing, Cairo, Egypt, just the smell of the sweet, beautiful, fragrant liqueur’s enough to lure our noses, and that’s when the image of a tall, sexy, black bottle being tilted sideways making way to a stream of that creamy, velvety, milky goodness… Sorry, got a little carried away there.

See? The love for it paints a picture, and it’s an admittable fact that whenever one can get their hands on it, they will. For many, even, it’s a festive drink for reminding us of the holiday season: a shot in a steaming mug of hot chocolate hugged by both your hands as you huddle around friends and family on a chilly night, maybe Christmas eve. It’s that day-to-day drink you wish you could add to your coffee every morning for that certain kick. It’s the epitome of enjoying a drink in the afternoon, possibly after a long day of work, because it’s your weekday’s go-to (weekends are for different kinds of drinking). Such indulgent, lush drinking pursuits are yet to make it mainstream, but their unavailability is almost a hurdle to those lifestyle goals, and import prices sometimes go beyond what is reasonable, especially in the MENA. We therefore have a vision of introducing a high quality product of great value to the market here, and you know, without much jargon, to just simply create a lush drinking experience that’s congenial to our daily lives; spruce it up a bit.

That’s why we hope you’re a bottler reading this. We want to join forces with a bottling partner of experience and prominent distribution channels: how does a tempting new product to add to your line sound to you? The talk that’s been going around town is true: On The Rocks is a Jordanian brand and the very first in the region to specialise in artisan alcoholic chocolate, ice cream, frappes, and desserts. We’re also the creators of a special formula mixture that has you turning powder into frappes and cream-based liqueur in minutes, with minimal know-how, no special equipment, just your line of production for bottling: the Mix:Impossible.

We believe that with your market presence and prowess and our Mix:Impossible, we can be able to create a vast array of new products for both the local and export market with the help of your bottling expertise. We have 2 product lines available for bottling offers: 17% alcohol by volume cream-based liqueur and 9% ready-to-drink milk-based cocktails. Imagine walking into your favourite liquor shop to find an on-the-go bottle of Irish cream frappe to have in the morning, a cool bottle of Piña Colada to freshen up with in the afternoon, or just a colourful row of Irish cream liqueur, Belgian chocolate liqueur, and salted caramel liqueur just waiting to be snatched off the shelves. It’s an attractive market opportunity given the gap is ocean-wide: the demand for these types of drinks and liqueurs is through the roof, the price difference will almost sound like a miracle to some, and there just simply is a lack of production for high quality products of the sort here.
So what do you say we level the playing field and seal the deal: we come in with a briefcase of the Mix and alcoholic dessert-making mastery, you come in with a briefcase of your knack for the trade, we market together, and everybody wins?

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