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B2b: Distributors

An idea is cool when you hear about it and regret not having thought of the same thing earlier. An idea is cool when you hear about it and you want to share it with the entire world. Distributors are lucky to be in that position where they don’t have to think of the idea but can share it with the world, and we want that cool idea to be the Mix:Impossible.

We, too, share the interest of sharing our special formula with the world (obviously, or we’d go out of business), so we’re looking for distributors to partner with. We see big things for both the frappe and ice cream lines of the Mix: people drinking liqueur frappes everywhere and people getting refreshed on liqueur ice cream everywhere. This is the next big thing, but we can’t do it without the prominent distribution channels our potential partners will provide for the Mix. Long story short, distributors, we’re looking for you.

The diversity of products the Mix:Impossible is able to create is through the roof and is not only appealing to restaurants, bars, and F&B establishments, but also to bottlers, retailers with alcohol licenses, and even to individual customers. The products enjoy a 2-year shelf life, is best stored in a cool storage area, and is delivered through normal delivery vehicles, meaning easy logistics as you don’t need to prepare any special arrangements neither for storage nor for delivery.

So if you’re a distributor with a strong know-how, presence, and distribution channels, we’d love to join forces with you. We think the Mix:Impossible will shatter the region’s market as we know it for the lack of availability of high quality products of the sort that the mix enables anyone to create for the best value and ROI.

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