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B2B: Franchising

When talking business, market gaps and opportunities seem sexy – hurdles that come with going after them are not. We’d know. It’s all worth it, though, the hours and energy spent on research and development, when you end up with a product you can actually market and sell as attractive; especially when no one else has got it. You want to make trends, make the news, break some norm you don’t like, and have people come to you for that something special. It’s a pandemic, it’s a good time to be thinking about making more sales, and you want to come back stronger than ever. Shatter people’s worlds. But you don’t want those hurdles; you don’t want anything that’s not sexy.

Here’s an idea: a franchise.

Owning a franchise is the answer to many questions that are mainly asked in an attempt to try and avoid the hard-knock life that comes with setting up your own thing from scratch. It’s not the easy way out, but it is easy – so easy that we wish someone had already thought of making an alcoholic ice cream & milkshake instant mix so we can franchise them. But since we’re already here, we’d love to join forces with everyone who’d love to grow the trend of artisan alcoholic dessert, and since we’re the MENA’s first and only dedicated brand, we’re happy to give you the easy way out. -- We mean the easy way.

Why it’s even sexier than just a sexy market opportunity

When you buy into a proven franchise concept, you skip the hurdles that come with starting your own thing because the franchisor (us) would have already worked out all the kinks and laid a solid foundation. Becoming a franchisee means having everything already prepared and systemized for you, whether it’s marketing or getting the training you need for your employees.

You already know you’ll guarantee yourself a high profit margin; we don’t have to sell you this one. It basically sells itself. On The Rocks has already done all the hard work and taken the risk for you when it comes to R&D. ‘Oh, no, here they go talking about how hard it is to freeze ice cream again.’ Okay, we won’t go there, but we’re just trying to illustrate that a franchisee’s chance of success is multiplied by the motherlode because the security of investing in a proven concept is worth its weight in gold: you don’t need to invest a fortune into technicalities, research, or perfecting the know-how. You’ll have the support of the system, both marketing and technical (and emotional because we all need it), and we’ll provide you with everything you need to keep the wheel spinning.

What goes great with a market opportunity? Flexibility

An OTR franchise can be whatever you want an OTR franchise to be: depending on your investment, site, and the legalities of the country where you’re based, the franchise can be anything from having On The Rocks products as part of your menu or setting up a full-fledged flagship shop. The options are limitless.

Can a menu be sexy?

We’re not saying anything, but we know ideas are more likely considered the simpler they are. Our menu is intelligently and practically designed so that everything comes from one source product/ingredient: the Mix:Impossible. The Mix:Impossible makes shakes, the Mix:Impossible makes ice cream, the ice cream then makes cake. Imagine creating lush desserts without even having to spend hours preparing them.

We want to go global. And we want to work with a lot of people like us, that’s why we wrote this blog post to try and find you and fish you out. The fact that our product is a ready-made instant formula that enables the easiest inclusion of alcoholic ice cream and shakes in a menu without the need for prior experience or know-how makes us confident we’re setting trends and will get boozy desserts mainstream,

Last but not least, you don’t have to make any serious decisions on this page. But if that decision means you’ll get the chance to be part of an ever-growing team of sophisticated people that still love to boogie (no wonder alcoholic ice cream is our thing), will you go global with us?

For franchising opportunities, contact us through the form on the Franchise section of the website.


  • Amira

    I’m interested. Could you send me more details?
    Thank you.

  • Malak

    Would like to join..
    I have I place in Alexandria..What are the requirements and the deal…and should I have an Alcohol licence ?

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