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How to Say Thank You in Alcoholic Chocolates: A Gifting Guide

Why is giving chocolate as a gift a great idea?

There are two kinds of people in this world: ones who are natural-born marvelous gift givers (we know you, we see you, we love you), and ones who want nothing less than the most perfect way to ‘I love you’ that it just takes them a little longer to know what to gift. The good news is that chocolate always makes a great present; a thought the first kind of people would try to dismiss for possibly being ‘too easy’, but one the second type would very much be happy to hear. The better news is (we’re looking at you, good gift givers), a mouthwatering, gourmet collection of alcoholic truffles, pralines or even bars makes for a fancy treat, and you don’t even have to look too hard. For those who like their whiskey infused into creamy ganache, the feel-good endorphins that make the rich, velvety Belgian chocolate so much of a happy-fix won’t be the only pleasant surprise.

So if you’ve got a special day coming up or are looking for holiday gift inspiration, chocolate is the answer. Alcohol-infused chocolate is an even better one. It’s the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ or to even be the cherry on a top of a personalized present you’ve been preparing, and it’s perfect for any occasion. (Extra points if you know what they like to drink.)

Someone’s birthday is coming up

Birthday presents are the trickiest, and because there’s a lot of them every year (well, naturally), a treat like is so alluring, it works every time without it even being the easy way out. We recommend the Baileys Bars Box, because we assume that’s what everyone would love to have on their birthday. Dare we be mistaken?


Valentine’s day is far away, but every day is V-day when you love them

You might be a couple that has everything, but are you a couple that has gifted one another with a decadent collection of spirited chocolate? Whether you’ll be new to the game for next Valentine’s or have already exhausted your efforts on the perfect present year after year and are looking for inspiration, a luxurious ribbon-tied delicacy will definitely show what’s in your heart. Celebrating an anniversary soon, or just want to say I love you? For the box that screams, “You’re the best partner!” we recommend the Milk & Dark Indulgence Deluxe Pralines Collection, where every piece of chocolate says I love you differently.

For Mum, For Dad

We’re all trying to keep mum and dad happy. It’s a good thing chocolate is synonymous with that feeling. When you owe someone the world, the fastest way to get there is with a luscious alcoholic chocolate box to tickle their fancy, so we recommend the A Bit of Everything collection, a delicate mixture of all our favorite bars and pralines.


Just because

As we approach the end of the year, hoping the damage it has done is enough, we’ve reached the realization that 2020 is the best time to gift for no reason. If there’s anything it has taught us, it’s to not take the people we love for granted. To say, “Thank you and I appreciate you,” even if it’s out of the blue, we recommend the Joy Twists Collection; perfect as a small, unique, individualised cadeau.



The big moment everyone waits for deserves nothing short of the mark of a gorgeous gift that also always makes the grade. Be their most unique congratulations; we recommend the Mix & Match Bars Box, a collection combining all 6 of our equally incredible spirit-studded bars. That way, everyone gets to raise the bar.

Housewarming present

Whether someone’s just moved into a new humble abode or has reinvented the wheel in which they reside, bring over a sweet companion to the bottle of wine and help them celebrate with something worth getting out the new wine glasses for. We recommend the Milk Chocolate Velvet Deluxe Pralines Collection for a sweet, velvety entry.




Or even just a dinner party

Everyone’s favorite part of a dinner party is the after-dinner party, especially if there’s dessert involved. Not sure who likes what? Get everyone round the table with a collection that has an exciting amount of everything. We recommend the White to Dark Pralines Collection, a 25-piece handpicked selection of our chocolate varieties, from white to dark, through milk, because everything’s better when it’s shared.


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