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On How to (Finally) Turn Your Favorite Alcoholic Cocktail into Ice Cream

It’s a hot summer day. You’re on the Unicorn Garden Rooftop, this pandemic did not happen, all your friends are around you, and life is good. To cool off, you ask for a piña colada, cup dripping wet and all. You take a sip as fast as you can because the stream of a cold cocktail rushing down your throat in 40 degree Cairo heat is unparalleled. You lift your cup up for a gulp but nothing comes down. You look down at it and it’s… frozen? It’s.. ice cream? But it’s still a piña colada. But it’s ice cream? You close your eyes. Is this a dream? You open them. You’re at home. The curfew has been lifted a week ago, and you feel a bit better about inviting a couple of your friends over. You look down and you think you must have dozed off into a daydream because all along, you’ve just been whipping a mixture of sangria, ice cold OJ, and what appears to be a ready mix that turns your favourite drink into its ice cream version. You know your friends were expecting drinks with the dinner you’re making them, but this is the crème de la crème of surprises. Literally.


If you knew On The Rocks for its artisan chocolate, you now get to also leave with our new Mix:Impossible Instant Ice Cream Mix. Before you drift off into a ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ daze, Mix:Impossible is engineered to turn what would otherwise be non-freezable alcohol into gelato of unmatched creaminess. All it takes is beer, wine, or your favorite liquor with your choice of either a vanilla, caramel, or chocolate mix, some milk (or, if you want to go crazy experimenting: coconut milk, fruit juice, good ol’ water, or even Redull), and voila! Your ice cream is ready faster than you can say scotch on the rocks. Well, maybe not as fast because it still needs to go into the freezer, but you know what we mean. If your idea of self-pampering after a long day is with a drink, this is only the deluxe version. Or shall we call it a treat? Better yet, if you plan to leave for the beach this summer, pack a pack or two. Hitting Dahab, Gouna, or Sahel? We can only imagine this would be the perfect tag-along.


Experiment with beer-infused vanilla richness, sweet chocolate blended with ribbons of deep red wine, or maybe caramel ice cream with a whiskey tang. The sip-turned-scoop is the best of both worlds; your drink a smooth lace in the background of your mouth as a spoonful melts before you actually realise that what you’re out here enjoying is, in fact, dessert. The alcohol lends a distinct but non-overpowering flavour to all our signature flavours and makes for a silky and refreshing texture that always ends up being 5% by volume.


When something’s this good, you’re mostly asked to not try this at home. Au contraire, this is exactly what you should be trying at home. And if you’re still hungry for more (because why wouldn’t you be?) we’ll be dropping some soul-stirring recipes to add to the fun of easy ice cream making – great for a night out, even better for a night in. Enjoy responsibly!


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