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The Psychology Behind Picking Ice Cream Flavours

What flavour is your personality, outside the scope of Buzzfeed?

Think of this as almost sort of a personality test, but it’s science. Ice cream wouldn’t have been the ice cream we love if it weren’t for all its different colours and flavours, but does who we are amount to what we love, or does what we love make up what we are? We were a little curious about what more brought people together to their flavour preference and if liking a certain ice cream flavour could make you more compatible to some people than others.

Up in Chicago lies a Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation headed by a Dr. Alan Hirsch. Dr. Hirsch, a neurologist, rounded up some 19,400 people to undergo psychiatric tests of which the results were used to build up the statistical and psychological correlation between personality traits and food preference. Who’d have known the same part of the brain is responsible for both? We might disagree with this one, but the study also suggests the ice cream flavour you deem your favourite as a child tends to stay the same throughout your life. We just wanted to find out who you are depending on what Mix:Impossible flavour you choose to get.

Vanilla-lovers usually justify their choice of vanilla, jumping to defend themselves for knowing it’s the ‘classic, simple, boring flavour’. It’s a little more exciting than you thought, actually, because fans of vanilla are most likely to be impulsive. They’re edgy risk-takers, which, if you ask us, is the exact opposite of simple or boring. According to Dr. Hirsch, they “rely more on intuition than logic,” meaning you’re good at expressing yourself emotionally and know how to manifest your rapports well.

You’re also an idealist. And since we’re talking about alcoholic ice cream, vanilla vodka specifically means you’re emotionally driven and like being around others. Looks like you’re best off finding someone else who’d love eating vanilla vodka ice cream as much as you do, and have a scoop or two together. The study’s love connection was that vanilla eaters should date each other.

We know this might be a bit of a jump, but if your go-to Mix:Impossible flavour is chocolate, the study determines you’re probably flirtatious and seductive. Do with that information what you will.

You might also find yourself to be a bit dramatic at times, but all the best people are, and it’s probably also where the correlation between liking chocolate and being lively and charming comes from. Careful, though, if you’re likely to believe things too quickly, Dr. Hirsch finds being gullible is a chocolate-y trait. That’s okay, though, because you’re probably an assertive Type A personality.


You love to be on your feet, and you need something to constantly keep you excited. Maybe you also go for the choice that frames you as the most unique. Some people might find you a bit intimidating, but underneath all that, you’re probably the sweetest and most caring of the bunch.

If you’re thinking of taking one of the flavours for a test to confirm Dr. Hirsch’s study, you can find all of our instant alcoholic ice cream mix flavours here.

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