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Why is Chocolate So Popular During Christmas Time?

Chocolate and Christmas have a long history – from pralines being used as tree ornaments to stocking-stuffing truffles to finding a last minute Secret Santa present, the delicacy has pretty much shaped our holidays in ways we might have not noticed. Advent calendars, yule logs, even hot chocolate; it’s difficult imagining Christmas or even winter void of chocolate. We all love chocolate and eat it whenever we please, but have you ever thought of the reason behind why chocolate is such a during the holidays?


There isn’t one ground-breaking origin as to why chocolate is the star of the show when it comes to Christmas, but to our joy, every country has a story. A traditional Mexican Christmas dish covers its turkey in chocolate, and a certain Italian legend has children waiting every year to receive pieces of chocolate from a witch called Befana.


The famous yule log, a traditional chocolate Christmas dessert in some countries, dates back to the Middle Ages. Winter solstice, the coldest, shortest day of the year where the sun would be at its lowest, brought with it the beginning of the harsh winter season. You’d find every home’s fireplace crackling with large pieces of wood to make a warm fire that would bring families together. But during the nineteenth century, fireplaces were replaced by more advanced heating appliances – before pastry chefs had the idea of making an ode to a sentimental tradition and turning wood logs into pastry logs, where the chocolate icing would look like the bark of the logs that would be used in the fires.


More than anything we love Christmas season, and we love that through On The Rocks we get the chance to carry on holiday traditions that are close to many people’s hearts. We’re happy we get to create a time after Christmas dinner where you can surprise your guests with a set of pralines during dessert time, or start your day happy-go-lucky by popping a truffle on Christmas morning. Just writing about the holidays brings us joy, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for the jolly season.

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