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Zodiac Signs as On The Rocks Chocolate

  • Pisces: A Pisces will absolutely do anything in their might to experience transcendent bliss. They’re compassionate, artistic, intuitive, and wise. The Baileys chocolate strikes us as such.
  • Aries: Likes comfort. As the first sign of the zodiac, it marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. Malibu Rum milk chocolate makes sense – coconut is homey, and Malibu itself is the beginning of a lot of things energetic and turbulent.
  • Taurus: Self-assured, mega self-aware, they know what they like and don’t like. Strong headed enough to not want to go out of their comfort zone, but most of the time, they’re probably making the right decision. Responsible and reliable – all the things that make our Red Wine dark chocolate.
  • Gemini: There is a misconception that Geminis are confused or want things that don’t make sense together, but that’s not true. It’s not that they don’t know what they want, it’s that the things they want happen to be paradoxical. The reason why the Strawberry gin white chocolate pairing works is because a Gemini always knows how to make it work.
  • Cancer: Highly imaginative, which might lead to overthinking, maybe to indecisiveness. Moody and emotional – the Cancer zodiac sign can never end up being one kind of chocolate because they’ll know they can always fall back on any and either one of them depending on their emotional state.
  • Leo: Detail-oriented, focused, always thinking they’re the best. They take themselves too seriously, but they have a sweet side underneath all the stern exterior. We’re literally describing Honey Whiskey dark chocolate.
  • Virgo: Intelligent, organised, loyal, practical, and charming. Definitely White Wine milk chocolate.
  • Libra: Smart, witty, very righteous. To them, there’s no such thing as too careful. How about that, Vodka Vanilla?
  • Scorpio: A sign of sweet poison. Cherry Brandy dark chocolate does that best.
  • Sagittarius: Theatrical enough to enjoy only the fanciest of desserts. We sense this one’s a Honey Whiskey too.
  • Capricorn: Likes to keep things simple. A Rose Wine milk chocolate bar speaks those exact same words.
  • Aquarius: Quirky, loves surprises and spontaneity, and takes pride in being unique. The essence and epitome of Cherry Brandy.


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