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A Brief History of (Alcoholic) Chocolate

We all love chocolate, but do we even know chocolate at all?“I often call chocolate the best-known food that nobody knows anything about,” says Alexandra Leaf, a self-described ‘chocolate educator’. The history of chocolate, for some people, goes only as far as the source of its production: cocoa beans. To us in the 21st century, it’s a delicacy to be enjoyed as we bite into its velvety texture, as we chew into its sweetness, and as it melts in our mouth. We weren’t even that crazy to think that alcoholic chocolate is next-level to what might be the sweetest things human have known. But why isn’t it crazy? Why has it always been weirdly engrained in our heads that alcoholic...

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B2B: Franchising

When talking business, market gaps and opportunities seem sexy – hurdles that come with going after them are not. We’d know. It’s all worth it, though, the hours and energy spent on research and development, when you end up with a product you can actually market and sell as attractive; especially when no one else has got it. You want to make trends, make the news, break some norm you don’t like, and have people come to you for that something special. It’s a pandemic, it’s a good time to be thinking about making more sales, and you want to come back stronger than ever. Shatter people’s worlds. But you don’t want those hurdles; you don’t want anything that’s not...

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How to Say Thank You in Alcoholic Chocolates: A Gifting Guide

Why is giving chocolate as a gift a great idea?There are two kinds of people in this world: ones who are natural-born marvelous gift givers (we know you, we see you, we love you), and ones who want nothing less than the most perfect way to ‘I love you’ that it just takes them a little longer to know what to gift. The good news is that chocolate always makes a great present; a thought the first kind of people would try to dismiss for possibly being ‘too easy’, but one the second type would very much be happy to hear. The better news is (we’re looking at you, good gift givers), a mouthwatering, gourmet collection of alcoholic truffles, pralines...

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On How to (Finally) Turn Your Favorite Alcoholic Cocktail into Ice Cream

It’s a hot summer day. You’re on the Unicorn Garden Rooftop, this pandemic did not happen, all your friends are around you, and life is good. To cool off, you ask for a piña colada, cup dripping wet and all. You take a sip as fast as you can because the stream of a cold cocktail rushing down your throat in 40 degree Cairo heat is unparalleled. You lift your cup up for a gulp but nothing comes down. You look down at it and it’s… frozen? It’s.. ice cream? But it’s still a piña colada. But it’s ice cream? You close your eyes. Is this a dream? 

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